Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Best Practices

You've got questions and we've got answers. Below, you'll see that we've broken the information into 2 sections: (1) FAQ's and (2) Best Practices

1. FAQ's 

How does DYMU work? That's a GREAT question, and Doug and Josh have created the DYMU Start Here screencast to help answer just that. Give us 2 minutes and we'll get you up to speed. The inside joke at DYMU is, "If Doug can figure it out, ANYONE can!" This is a great place to start.

What's the main idea behind these 101-401 courses? Simple! We want to help you train your volunteers to be more effective with their limited time and caring hearts. Finding adults to work with teenagers is only a small part of the overall volunteer strategy; an event bigger part is equipping these adults to succeed with teenagers. Like you, we believe every leader can benefit from some training and DYMU makes your job a lot easier. We've got you covered with some great, practical training by some of the most respected voices in youth ministry today. 

If I purchase the church-wide license/unlimited users, do ALL my leaders get their own individual log-in? YES! That's the beauty of the site license; it's unlimited users for your church only. Every one of your leaders will get his/her own unique log-in and learning experience. Here's how it works: as soon as you purchase the site license you will get a welcome email from us containing a link that will take you to the DYMU subscription tool. All you will need to do is enter in your volunteer's name and his/her email address. Really, it is that simple! Once you do, your leaders will immediately receive a welcome email providing them access to all 24 classes in DYMU 101-401. They can begin taking the courses immediately. If you get a new leader later in the year, no problem! Just return to the subscription tool and they'll be easily added to your group. 

Can I use my DYM Member Credits or my DYM account information to purchase and/or log-in to DYMU? Unfortunately no. That isn't possible. As of today, DYM's website and DYMU are on completely separate platforms. If you are new to DYM or a long-term member, you will need a NEW account log in to access DYMU. Think of DYMU as a separate website owned/operated by the same people. Once you create an account with DYMU you'll see that it's slick, quick and painless--we promise! 

If I'm a gold member on DYM, can I get a discount on DYMU?
Why YES, yes you can! DYM Gold members can log into their account on DYM and discover a code that will give you $50 off your church-wide site license - if you have trouble finding it just email support and they'll reply right away! And the big news it hat your renewal is always just $99/year. Members always get more! Yeah!

How are these courses different from the DYM membership videos? Great question! Many of the CLASS 101-401 videos were originally part of the DYM Membership. DYMU becomes a unique experience in that each of the 24 videos (in 101-401) now comes with an interactive/reflection section that allows individuals to learn at their own pace, watch them at their convenience, and do it on the device of their choice. Plus, through DYMU, we've created a way for you, the lead youth worker, to recieve notification when one of your volunteers completes a session (see questions below). All of the new and upcoming video classes (outside of 101-401) are new and exclusive to DYMU.

What is the difference between these videos and this system vs. the DYM Streaming Leader Training Library?
DYM's Leader Training Library is filled with a bunch of one-off video trainings... they're all about 10 minutes and they're very volunteer-friendly. You can show them at leader meetings. DYMU is similar, but we've organized the trainings into modules (101-401) where each video comes with a short, interactive piece for the volunteer to write thoughts and ideas and learnings based on what he/she just watched. They sign-in, they learn at their own pace, they can send the learnings to you. The Leader Library comes with a DYM Silver or Gold Membership ( DYMU is a separate product ... if you are a gold member you get $50 off the site license. Just email us for the gold member-exclusive code!

Can I stream these videos to my leaders online or download them and put them on our site? No, the videos in DYMU are intended to be played in this specific platform for each individual person to experience individual learning. If you have a training portal of your own (like a church website, etc), it’s best to simply point your leaders to each video directly, then they can log in and watch the course themselves. They also get the added bonus of completing the reflection quizzes beneath each video which they may miss out on if they were just embedded. If you do want to stream, consider using the DYM Leaders Streaming Library referenced in the previous FAQ just above.

What devices will play the DYMU videos? All of the DYMU training videos can be watched on your smart phone or computer, as well as displayed through Apple TV and a myriad of other devices, screens and projectors. If it can access the internet, it will play the videos. Go hog wild with practically any setup!

What's the best value for the size of my church or ministry? Unless you're an individual user, in almost all cases the church license would be a better value for either a small or large ministry. If you have more than even just one volunteer going through the 101-401 program, it would be wise to purchase a church license (some on our team said, "They would be stupid not to!" But we felt that was too strong and might offend some without a sense of humor). You have all types of options with the church license. For example, you could require new or potential volunteers to go thru 101, or you could assign a specific video to each volunteer depending on his/her need (i.e. "I'd love for you to log-in and watch the training on memorizing names.”). Check back to this page occasionally to get "Best Practice" tips (see below) from fellow youth workers.

What happens right after I click "purchase"? You'll immediately get a confirmation email that has plenty of clear information on how everything works with links making it easy for you to get started adding your volunteer team immediately! 

What does the church-wide site license include? It allows you and each of your volunteer leaders to have his/her own log-in and access to all 24 of the videos in the 101-401 courses for an entire year. For about $15/month all of your leaders have access to great videos and reflection questions and the ability to get a certificate of completion. 

How long is the site license good for?
It’s good for an entire year. After one year, you’ll be automatically renewed for only $99/year.

Can I add additional leaders throughout the year?
Absolutely! You’ll just need to save your confirmation email containing the link for you to log-in your leaders. You can add leaders as long as you have an up-to-date site license. 

Does the site license give me access to the courses listed under "Coming Soon"?
No. The site license covers the 24 sessions in the 101-401 courses. The "Coming Soon" courses will be available for purchase as individual courses (DYM Members will have a discounted price, naturally). 

Do my volunteers sign-in on my account or will they have their own log-in?
Each volunteer will have his/her own log-in if you have a site license. Super easy. You purchase the site license and you’ll be sent a “how-to-use” document. This document will provide you with a link taking you to a page where you can add your volunteers. Once you add them, they’ll receive a welcome letter and an opportunity to create their own log-ins. In addition, you’ll be given a couple letters that you, as the lead youth worker, can use to send to your volunteers to welcome them to the DYMU experience. You may want to send that letter before you enter in their email address so that the email from DYMU doesn’t come to them as a surprise.

Is there a way for me to learn from other youth workers who are watching and commenting on each video?
Yes. There is a comment section under each video that can be viewed by anyone in the world taking this course. It is shared with everyone who takes that session. Beyond that, you have personal review/reflection questions that are shared just with one person of your choice, perhaps the lead youth worker or an accountability partner. You get to choose that person at the beginning of each learning session.

Do leaders just watch videos or is there some form of reflection and/or accountability to their learning? Every video session has both a downloadable PDF outline AND an online interactive/reflection experience that we're very excited about. The outline is for those who want something to look at and/or take handwritten notes while they're watching the videos. For deeper reflection, each course contains a 10-15 question follow-up reflection experience. The reflection experience isn't just a bunch of right/wrong quiz-type questions--instead they're more like reflection questions to help the leader/learner to process the information they've just experience via video.

Can I (as the lead youth worker) track the progress and/or learning from my team of leaders? Absolutely! The very first step for each individual learner is to enter in the email address of the person to whom they want their reflection answers sent. They can either enter in their own email address and then forward their answers to you, or you can ask them to enter in your email address before each series of reflection questions and their answers will go directly to you. 

What's the deal with the Certificate? What’s the deal with the Certificate? When you purchase the 101-401 site license you will be sent a welcome email containing some important links. One of those links will allow you to download a PDF Certificate. You can make a big deal out of your leaders finishing a single course (i.e. 101, 201, 301, or 401) or save it and highlight only those who finish all 4 of the courses. It’s your call. (Can’t find the email? No problem! CLICK HERE to download the Completion Certificates)

Do you have a question that isn't answered here? If so, send an email to the Dean of Students and he'll answer it and continue to make this FAQ page more helpful!



How do I use these video training classes with my new volunteers? There's definitely no one way, but some ministry leaders are requiring potential volunteers to take Class 101 prior to their coming aboard to serve! Others are asking their new volunteers to complete 101 within the first year of their ministry commitment. Many youth pastors are familiarizing themselves with all the content within 101-401 and suggesting specific topics based on the individual volunteer. For example, "Allison, I'd love for you to watch the course on Social Media to get a better handle on how your media choices can impact our students." Or "I'm with you on struggling to remember names, why don't we both watch the session on remembering names and we can discuss it and then help each other get better at it." There are so many topics in Classes 101-401 that most questions and issues that your leaders have will be covered in one of the 25 sessions.  

Here's how youth pastor Jordon Floro uses DYMU: "By asking all of my leaders to go through 101 during a shadowing time, I can have intentional conversations with them while they take steps toward getting plugged into the ministry. This way, we're all on the same page and it's very simple to talk through the content. Also, I realized that some people were not getting any training, so they were guessing at what needed to be done, which was frustrating for them and not beneficial to the ministry. This isn't the end-all, but it gives me peace of mind to know that they're consistently hearing the same things about relational youth ministry with the opportunity to seek more if they desire to."

Here's how youth pastors Frank Gil and Justin Curl got their information to their leaders: Both guys sent their volunteers an acceptance letters to DYMU. In their acceptance letter they communicated that the training content had been purchased on their behalf and provided them links to sign up, and they made a big deal out of the training. One of their letters is concise and direct, while the other letter is longer and more playful. If you purchase the 101-401 site license, you be given both of these letters for you to copy, cut/paste, do whatever you want (with full permission from the authors).   

Do you have any tips to help me succeed introducing this to my volunteers?
We've heard of the most success where the lead you worker sends an initial email to all of their leaders after they've been added in the system. This will get everyone started at their own pace and get things kicked off with a clear vision of why they've been asked to complete this training. The youth worker then, maybe at monthly meetings, celebrates some of those who have accomplished the course or completed some of the sessions. Each class has an "enter the email you want this quiz sent to" which we encourage them to put your email in there so you're updated with every single class, and can see their answers and progress.

Is there a gathering place where I can learn more best practices for DYMU?
YES! Jump on DYM's private Facebook community group for youth workers only and ask these questions to the community. There's a TON of stuff already on there you can just copy/paste/use now!

Do you have some ideas and learnings that you want to share with other leaders on how to best use these classes? We hope so! We love learning from one another. Please send your best practice to the Dean of Students and include your idea right here!